An air dome is the ideal solution for year-round sport or leisure activities.

With many configuration options in combining fabrics (opaque and translucent), insulation, heating and AC we can offer great flexibility for designing the most desirable solution to cover your sport activities year round or seasonal for your unique climate conditions, budget and sport and spectator requirements.

The great strength of air supported structures lies in the ability to cover large clear span space and in general this means that the larger the covered space is the larger the advantage of the dome concept will be compared with using a traditional building.

Domes are and can be used for covering most sports:

Tennis Tennis is worldwide the largest user for air domes with many seasonal and permanent domes up, even on rooftops in large cities.
Basketball Domes offer great clear span space to cover existing outdoor courts or build new stadiums.
Swimming pools  A dome can cover a swimming pool seasonal or permanent to prolong the swimming season and increase profitability of the facility.
Football (soccer)  A dome can cover an entire football field permanently or (a part of an artificial turf field) seasonally. 
Hockey A dome can cover a hockey pitch or other artificial turf facility including its spectator areas.

Futsal, handball, korfball, skating sports

Domes offer great possibilities to offer these sports to more communities on the right international recognised court format. 
Netball Domes can help bringing the sport indoors with covering existing outdoor courts or building new multi-court facilities. Wider domes also offer higher clear-span space, making domes a perfect match to cover netball.
Volleyball Domes can cover multi-court facilities for the popular small court sports as volleyball, table tennis, badminton, bowls and more.
Golf and indoor driving ranges  Many domes cover golf (driving) practicing facilities. The combination of golf-soccer dome also is popular. 
Baseball, softball and cricket  The high ball impact resistance domes can offer combined with huge clear-span space without columns and beams makes domes also very attractive to cover baseball, softball and cricket. 
Ice hockey and ice rinks In North America domes are in use for ice hockey in the winter season. During the summer season the dome can be used for other sports.
Indoor paintball  Domes offer the possibility to put up structures inside to build an exciting paintball experience.
Trampoline facilities Domes can offer  great permanent or seasonal indoor space for trampoline sport or leisure.
Athletics and gymnastics Domes offer large space to cover most athletic activities. The low cost of dome space gives the opportunity for dedicated space with no need for the constant floor space clearing of equipment. Running tracks around courts or a field in larger domes is also a popular way to use dome space practical and cost-effective.
Velodromes Using a dome to build large clear span space will be very cost efficient.
Multisport Domes can be used to cover most combinations of sports; within the dome it is possible to used different flooring types in one big space and storage of equipment can easily be located in space behind screens along the dome walls.


Other Applications

For the past 50 years, air-supported structures have been utilized for a variety of temporary, permanent and custom specified applications.

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