Outstanding Low Total Costs of Ownership

  • Low initial investment.
  • Minimum maintenance costs.
  • No major building renovations every 10-15 years Membranes (20 year warranty) are recommended to be replaced every 23-25 years. The cost for replacing the membrane can be considerable less then renovating costs of traditional buildings and it will also be easy to adapt the facility to prevalent sporting codes and needs at that time.
  • Low running costs.
  • The end of the lifetime disposal costs of a dome are low and membranes can be recycled.
  • The fast and simple construction method also means that return on investment starts quicker and the building process is less prone to building delays.

Environmental Responsible Solution

The air supported structure concept can be appreciated as the most cost-effective green building method in the world.

Consider all of the aspects of a long, brick and mortar conventional building process; many contractors and staff (and fuel to get to a job site), lots of heavy-duty equipment (and its energy costs), and many, many truckloads of building materials—stone, wood, and glass.

On the other hand, air domes have much lower carbon footprints. Site preparation and construction only takes a short time and our domes require just a few container loads of building materials to build your indoor space.

Building indoor sport space with an air supported structure also means much less disruption of the local environment.


  • Domes can easily be modified, relocated and attached to existing buildings.
  • Domes offer the solution to cover existing outside courts or swimming pools (during parts of the season or permanent), increasing the usage of the facility and decreasing maintenance.
  • Any man made sport surface can be used inside the structure and domes can house sports with different flooring needs; wooden floors, synthetic surface or artificial turf in one space.
  • With an air dome it is more feasible to build indoor sport space with dimensions that comply with more sports codes


Safe and Stable

  • Domes are regarded the most earthquake resistant and safe way of building.
  • Our domes can be designed to withstand high snow and winds loads.
  • In the rare events that domes come down there are ample warning signs and domes will in general come down comparatively slow, giving time to evacuate.

Functional Successful

  • Our domes are highly resistant to forces from strong ball impacts in sports like Futsal and golf and domes are also widely in use for baseball and golf practice.
  • Our domes are custom designed to your exact specifications. We can build facilities that comply with sport specific international standards and for the amount of spectators that is desired/
  • Our domes create large clear span space. There is no need for columns or beams that obstruct ball flight or capture balls in a frame.

Colour Options

Custom fabric colour options are available, including translucent fabric, allowing natural sunlight in. Although in warmer climates a white, insulated dome will be the most sustainable solution.