Air-supported structures are a unique product, and we are happy to help you every step through the decision making process.

All our domes are custom designed and your unique structure design will depend on:

  • Is a permanent or seasonal dome required?
  • The intended use of the structure; type of sports and specific court requirements.
  • Spectators; amount, seating requirements, number of entry doors required, this can also affect the blower capacity.
  • Location and climate conditions as wind load, snow fall, temperature, humidity etc.
  • Required size of the structure; the height depends on the required width of the structure.
  • Budget, necessaries and wish lists.
  • Future requirements and projected add-ons.

Cost savings not only come from the most cost effective way of building your indoor sports space; also the running costs of your facility are important to us. Our large choice of materials and engineering features means we can create the optimum facility for your specific climate and user needs, saving you on operating costs of your facility.

Whatever the project, we will work together with your team to achieve the best solution for you.



When the fabric membrane has been manufactured it is rolled up in sections, and loaded in containers for shipping.

At the building site, the fabric sections are unloaded using a fork lift.

Each dome consists of several sections of fabric and these are placed at predetermined intervals across the field. From there, a team of installers works to unroll the bundles of fabric and stretch out the sections so they can be linked together at their seams by durable custom aluminium plate fasteners. The dome is anchored to the grade beam and the cables are installed over the dome.

The final step is to attach the inflation equipment to the dome, and inflate the structure.


Just like with any building system, regular inspections of the dome and its components by the dome operator and local contractors are needed to keep your structure running trouble-free.

Our state of the art dome fabrics are virtually maintenance free and the mechanical equipment will need regular preventive maintenance just like servicing your car.